Photo Gallery of Before and After New Construction or Renovation

Below are some more photos of our homes after build or renovation.

Remodels and new homes. Both home and community members' lives are changed.

622 Dutch Alley

907 West 32nd

909 West 32nd

1220 North Filmore

757 North Lee Road

929 West 33rd

Some examples of homes we've built.

909 West 32nd

909 West 32nd

The Faith House, need address

Faith House Plans

Examples of Completed Renovations

Examples of Blighted Properties Replaced with Brand New Homes.

The West 30’s neighborhood now has nearly 300 vacant lots. One-third of these vacant lots used to have houses on them, but they deteriorated to the point that they became dangerous and had to be torn down.  These lots represent over 40% of the neighborhood, so their emptiness creates somewhat of a desolate feel in parts of the community.  We have demolished 13 houses, some of which are included in the following photos.  However, we have made a commitment that we will not tear down a house without rebuilding a new house on that lot.  That way, rather than add to the emptiness, we will be replacing typically blighted houses with brand new houses filled with the lives and vitality of neighborhood families living there.  That process revitalizes families, it revitalizes houses and it revitalizes communities.  We are proud to participate in helping to provide a firmer foundation upon which the community can build on and grow from in the future.

Below are some examples of renovations, moved homes and information about blight in the neighborhood.

See for yourself what your neighbors have been talking about.