Pastor Jeff Sims of Faith Partner Covington Presbyterian Church blessed the home and family of Brandi Fausnight on N. Filmore Street in the company of members of their church and some of Brandi’s neighbors.  Congratulations to Brandi on the purchase of her new house and may God’s presence help make this house into a wonderful home for their family.  

We have Faith, Business and Community Partnerships. You can scroll down to read about each one. The photos below are from Home Blessings which we do on each home we construct. Without these partnerships, we could in no way accomplish what we do for local families. If your church, organization or business would like to help us in our mission please contact at

Blessing of the Fausnight house and the family by Pastor Fred Taylor of Christ Temple Church following a wonderful service at the church Sunday morning.

Blessing of the Cyprian home.

Blessing of Eric Kelly and Kyle Hutchinson's new home by Pastor Jerry Crise of Covington First UMC.

Blessing of Sabrina Chatman’s new home by Paster Morgan MacIntyre of Christ Episcopal Church.

Faith Partners

Our Faith Partners are an integral part of what we do. We are a faith-based organization, and we try to keep God in the midst of our work.  One of the ways we try to do that is to seek out Faith Partnerships with local churches for each of the homes we build or renovate.  Each Faith Partnership can include some or all of the following components: Prayers, Presence, Gifts and/or Service. To view a sample Faith Partnership agreement click here. We cannot thank our generous Faith Partners enough for everything they do.

Business Partners

The significant increases in the cost of construction have had a big impact on our affordable housing program – by about $20k per house. West 30’s Redemption Company has taken two actions to offset some of the increased costs. One is to cluster build by starting small groups of houses at the same time to gain economies of scale and the second is to start a Business Partnership program. This financial relationship is one in which the Business Partner is asked to donate at least $2,500 to the cost of the house they are sponsoring. These two strategies have helped to offset about 40% of the increased costs. We thank God for these businesses and their generous support of our ministry and our work and we pray that they will prosper in their work and in their missions.

Community Partners

In addition to the Faith Partnerships and Business Partnerships programs, West 30’s Redemption Company has started a Community Partnerships program.  We currently have one Community Partnership with American Legion Post 16 and we are excited about adding more community partners. 


A Community Partnership indicates that the community organization is supporting the house which is being built or renovated for the family who will become the owner of the house.  Community partners can support the family and/or the house in a variety of ways, as best suits their mission and objectives.