West 30’s Redemption Company is focused on serving moderate and lower-income families.  The income chart below reflects the maximum income levels that meet the federal definition of “lower-income families” for different family sizes, which are based upon the Greater New Orleans metropolitan area.  If your family income does not exceed the level for your family size, you are eligible.

Persons        1             2            3            4            5            6            7            8 

Income  $ 39,450   45,050   50,700   56,300   60,850   65,350   69,850   74,350

A conventional sale can be completed with Buyers who are able to obtain conventional residential mortgage financing.  Generally, a minimum credit score of 640 is needed to qualify for most conventional residential mortgage loans.  We often work with the financial counselors at St. Tammany Home Ownership Center, which is a non-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West.  STHOC assists lower-income families with the process of applying for financing to support the purchase of a house.  The process includes the completion of an Application, Budget Form, Release along with providing us the information set forth in the Checklist. Please fill out this form and we will email these forms to you right away.

Once an application is completed and submitted together with the other noted information, a credit report is ordered by STHOC.  An appointment is then scheduled with a financial counselor at the STHOC office to review the credit report.  If the credit score is below 640, the counselor discusses the items that impacted the score and helps to develop an action plan for increasing the credit score.  The applicant can sign a Release Authorization form (fill out the link in the prior paragraph) that will allow STHOC to forward the credit report to W30RC.  We will assign a Mentor to work with the family to develop and execute a Credit Enhancement Plan (CEP).  The CEP is developed in concert with the financial counselor at STHOC and the family applicant.  It sets forth the steps and actions the applicant will need to take over a defined period of time that is designed to raise the credit score to a 640 level or higher.  The Mentor will meet with the applicant on a regular basis to assist with executing the steps in the CEP and to monitor the applicant’s progress.  The time required to achieve a credit score at or above 640 depends upon the existing credit issues that need to be addressed and how quickly the applicant addresses the steps outlined in the Credit Enhancement Plan.  Some sub-par credit scores with relatively minor issues can be elevated to a 640 or higher level in a few months.  Applicants with more significant credit challenges who work diligently to address the issues are typically able to elevate their scores within 12-24 months.

FOR VETERANS - for more information for veterans visit here.

W30RC partners with other organizations, such as American Legion Post # 16 in Covington, to identify and serve families of Veterans whose housing needs can be met through an affordable house in the West 30’s community. 

W30RC pursues grants and other financing support alternatives which can be used in the purchase of a house by a Veteran.

The Veterans housing program is open to all veterans who meet the needs of lower- and moderate-income families in the greater New Orleans area.  The qualifying income levels vary based upon family size:

Persons        1             2            3            4            5            6            7            8 

Income  $ 39,450   45,050   50,700   56,300   60,850   65,350   69,850   74,350

Housing alternatives include one, two, three, and four-bedroom houses.


West 30’s Redemption Company also has the ability to work with families on Lease Purchase transactions, using a Bond For Deed Contract.  These contracts are typically two years in length and they are designed to enable a family to get into a good quality affordable home now, while they are in the process of working on their Credit Enhancement Plan.  The qualifications for this program relate to stability in applicants’ lives personally and regarding their employment.  Applicants who have had the same job for a long time are more likely to be approved than would someone who has had several different jobs over the past year or two.  This program is designed to serve as a “bridge” to get families into a position to qualify for mortgage financing, purchase their house, and in the process pay off the bond for deed contract.  Applicants for this program will follow the same process with STHOC, having a CEP developed, and working with a Mentor to help execute the steps in the CEP. For more information, complete this form.

Model 3 BR/2B and typical bath and kitchen.